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Why are modular bathrooms so special?

Modular bathrooms are the best building solution in the case that you need to build several bathrooms on a huge acreage, for example in big houses, hotels and offices. The bathroom is delivered to our customer as a single module, which is instantly ready to be installed and used afterwards.

This solution is also much quicker and more convenient, because as it was proven by our researches, estimated time necessary to design a modular bathroom from the time of the project acceptance to delivery and preparation for usage is about 20% shorter than in the case of building a bathroom with traditional methods and techniques, which are used quite frequently. It is very beneficial and time saving solution, but – it is not connected with low quality of execution or producing non representative bathrooms which will be devoid of any aesthetic features.

Any of our bathrooms, despite the fact that they are built by usage of module principle, can be used and adjusted to customer's individual requirements and can be easily modified. Our company makes it possible to connect fast designing and installation of numerous bathrooms at once with maintaining the highest quality possible and possibility to modify projects easily to suit customers' needs.