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Ordering steps

If you want to purchase one or few of our modular bathrooms, our ordering procedures were designed in such a way to provide quick and effective order realization and to deliver ready project made from the best materials possible right to you within the shortest time possible. We do not hide anything from our dear customers, so we would like to present you how our order realization techniques look like, form the moment of order placement to finishing works and delivering our product to you. Here is a brief description of our services executed after obtaining an order for modular bathrooms from our client:

But there are more advantages! Our company will provide you with additional services and advantages to make the whole cooperation process more convenient and easier. We can guarantee that you will be able to terminate the contract if you change your mind about realization within the period of 2 to 3 days from order placement. During the same period you may contact us and make some amendments and changes in the overall project.

During the whole time of project's realization you can have an insight on our works and execution of your order, which may be really helpful whet it comes to a proper works coordination and hiring construction workers which will install modular bathrooms in your house, hall or office. All these services are totally charge free and – there is no duty to use them. We may guarantee that there are no companies which will provide you with such a huge spectrum of various services and this comfort of cooperation. By merging modern realization process with our knowledge and skills we can stand up to the most demanding customers' needs.